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Complete World Percussion Bundle by Black Octopus Sound

Black Octopus Sound is here with a collection of Word Percussions, it features a massive 5GB+ sample pack library containing one of the most essential pieces of any producer’s toolkit – drums & percussion by Black Octopus Sounds!

This library contains over 4900 samples of drums covering many different styles, so it will fit right into your arsenal no matter what style of music you produce.

Originally sold for $317.49, and will now be available for just $39.95 from today until January 3rd, 2021

Video Overview

In detail, it contains the following:

  • 102 Shaker loops
  • 95 Shaker one-shots
  • 404 Kicks
  • 175 Snare
  • 2131 Drum & percussion loops
  • 80 Music loops
  • 954 One-shots
  • 245 Drum fills
  • 355 Congas
  • 46 Cowbells
  • 146 Timpalas
  • 102 Vintage breaks
  • 57 Djembe

Download World Percussion Bundle