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[Get 90% OFF] Sampletekk Emotional Piano Bundle

SampleTekk Emotional Piano Bundle features pristine selected piano libraries: Blue Grand MkII, Vertikal MkII, Rain Piano MkII, and Small Studio Grand!

  • The Blue Grand is the perfect piano when you want something that’s a bit more mellow, old school, and ambient sound.
  • The Vertikal is an upright piano recorded and designed to do the job when you need that little extra “umpf” in your songs. It can be rock, blues, jazz, gospel, or anything that needs the extra attitude. Shortly, when you need something not that “grand”
  • The Rain Piano MkII has been used and is still used on countless productions where you want something that adds a different flavor rather then using a ”normal” piano.
  • The SSG – Small Studio Grand is a smaller Grand Piano, (6′ 1″) that gives a tighter, more defined sound then a larger instrument. This instrument has depth and roundness in the bass register, rich midrange, and a clear, crisp treble.

Video Overview

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