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2020 has been a world of free stuff, but honestly, if you don’t know what to do with them, then I don’t really know how I can help further. These are free sampler by ModeAudio, starting with…

 Spring Selections 2020

You’ll find 476MB of dreamy piano textures, thundering Downtempo drums, neon-lit Synthwave presets delicate Ambient drones and so much more. We hope the selection gives you an exciting taste of the packs featured


  • Amber – Ambient Loops
  • Cartography – Trip Hop Loops
  • Mini-Pack 0008 – Analog Arp Loops
  • Mini-Pack 0009 – Minimal Piano Loops
  • Mini-Pack 0010 – Piano Texture Loops
  • Orbiter – Serum Synthwave Presets
  • Outrun – Synthwave Loops
  • Particulate – Ambient Loops & SFX

Download Spring Selection

Summer Selections 2019

It is packed with tastes of no less than 9 of our recent releases – from the dark synth intensity of Rift to the soaring guitars of Atlas, we also offer punchy drums from Vapour, presets from Screenplay and selections from 4 of our new Mini Packs.

Summer Selection 2019 Contains:

  • Atlas – Chillwave Loops
  • Ionise – Serum SFX Presets
  • Mini Pack 0001 – Analog Pad Loops
  • Mini Pack 0002 – Driven Guitar Loops
  • Mini Pack 0003 – Ambient Texture Loops
  • Mini Pack 0004 – Noise Texture Loops
  • Rift – Dark Trip Hop Loops
  • Screenplay – Serum Cinematic Presets
  • Vapour – Drum Samples

Download Summer Selection

Autumn Selections 2019

Features 305MB of loops, drum samples, MIDI & Serum presets pulled from 7 of our latest and greatest releases, including Dark Art, Tide and Artifact

Autumn Selections 2019 Contains:

  • Artifact – SFX & Texture Loops
  • Collage – Serum Electronic Presets
  • Dark Art – Industrial Ambient Loops
  • Mini Pack 0005 – Vintage Drum Loops
  • Mini Pack 0006 – Vintage Keys Loops
  • Mini Pack 0007 – Granular Texture Loops
  • Tide – Serum Ambient Presets

Download Autumn Selection

Spring Selections 2019

From the soaring Serum presets of Summit to the playful percussion of Toybox, the atmospheric Ambient loops of Relic and beyond.

Spring Selections 2019 Contains:

  • Brainwave – LA Beat Loops
  • Dissolve – Ambient Drones
  • Relic – Ambient Loops
  • Summit – Serum Electronic Presets
  • Toybox – Found Percussion Samples
  • Unwind – Serum Chord Presets

Download Spring Selection 2019

Summer Selections 2018

The Summer Selection 2018 offers you 250MB of sounds from their 6 latest releases. Download, get inspired and make those beats bang!

  • Halogen – Dark Ambient Loops
  • Interference – Glitch Drum Samples
  • Lo Life – LoFi House Loops
  • Marble Ocean – Serum Hip Hop Presets
  • Puzzle – Electronic Loops & Samples
  • Raw Trap – Loops & Samples

Download Spring Selection 2018

Winter Selections 2018

Handpicked a 275MB selection of free sounds from 5 of their very latest releases for you to get creative with.

Winter Selections 2018 Contains:

  • Bulb – Analog Drum Samples
  • Freeze – Ambient Loops
  • Plume – Downtempo Loops
  • Sift – Serum Ambient Presets
  • Suspense – Dark Cinematic Loops

Download Winter Selection 2018

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