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On this page, you would find the list of thousands of free and premium high-quality sample packs such as sample Loops, Drum Samples, Vocal Samples, Trap/Hip-Hop/Rap, Bass Samples, Sound Effects and Claps/Finger Snap

If you are looking for guides on the selection of Sample Packs, you’ll also find them here, good luck and I hope you make good music with these packs.

Remember, Keep it simply stupid, nothing in this life is difficult, you just gat to keep grinding, good luck!

  • D-Unity Releases [Unity Samples Vol.4]

    D-Unity Releases [Unity Samples Vol.4]

    Unity Records is back with the Vol.4 of the D-Unity. A sample pack that is solely focused on creating fat-sounding Tech House & Techno grooves Unity Samples are packed with the hottest and most recent sounding techno samples that help to lead trends within the techno scene for many. “Unity Samples Vol.4” by D-Unity is packed with over ...

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  • Loopmasters Releases [Gawp – House Heavy]

    Loopmasters Releases [Gawp – House Heavy]

    Loopmasters is here with a new sample pack together with GAWP. As a result of a lifetime in the studio perfecting his craft and being mindful to only put out music of the highest standard GAWP has already released a string of tracks on Mixmag’s ‘Label Of The Decade’ Dirtybird alongside a number of highly respected ...

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  • Loopmasters Releases – [Rude Drums]

    Loopmasters Releases - [Rude Drums]

    Loopmasters together with Mark Fletcher are here to get your library dirty with a fat selection of genuine dub & reggae drum sections that will provide a taste of Jamaican heritage in your rhythm sections. You will find over 200 MB worth of Mark’s finest playing in an old school reggae & dub style, with dry and ...

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  • Sample Diggers Releases [Chillhop & Vaporwave]

    Sample Diggers Releases [Chillhop & Vaporwave]

    Sample Diggers is back and better with another release – Chillhop and Vaporwave. This is a collection produced by one of the biggest names from the lo-fi hip-hop and meaning wave scenes that display a fusion of laidback, chilled out beats with cinematic & soundtrack elements to bring something distinctive to your sonic arsenal, 100% royalty-free. This ...

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  • IQ Sample Releases [Cinematic Afterword]

    IQ Sample Releases [Cinematic Afterword]

    IQ Samples are very proud to present this amazing Cinematic Afterword sample pack inspired by the trendsetting composer of modern classical music – Ramin Djawadi. Expect to find 1.71 Gb of 24-bit samples at 73-136 BPM tempo range including 20 Full Cinematic Song Kits with 60 Wav, 20 Midi, 20 Full Mix inside. Cinematic Afterword is suitable ...

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