Delectable Records Releases [TechHouse Vocals 01]

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Delectable Records are proud to present “TechHouse Vocals 01”, aimed at producers who lean toward the new sound of modern styles of Tech House.

This great sound pack contains 50 Royalty-Free exclusive rappings and spoken No Key Tech House style vocal chops available as wave loops and shots, in Dry and Wet version, and ready to use in your Tech House productions.

All sounds are 24-bit quality wav files at 44.1 Khz, you will find 350 vocal hooks, words, phrases, and cuts available as dry and in a different effected version for full flexibility.

All vocals are completely royalty-free and were recorded at 125 BPM with some of the best compressors, processors, and SSL technology available for instant topline hooks and groove.

You will find catchy looped hooks and phrases that will surely spice up your tracks.

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