RV Samplepack Releases [80s Rewind]

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If you want to feel the 80’s vibe, then you might want to check out this throwback collection of feel-good eighties sounds that will evoke nostalgia and bring a retro feel to all of your productions.

If you’re looking to master the sounds from a golden age of pop music, you’ll find everything you need inside this 100% royalty-free package.

It contains over 400 MB of fluorescent content, 80s Rewind brings you infectious grooves aplenty in the form of drum loops & parts, perfect for structuring your rhythms and creating progression in your beats.

You’ll also find awesome synthetic basslines to lock into your drums and fill out your rhythmic foundations, whilst smooth leads and shimmering arps will color your mix with a striking vibrance.

Throw in some of the included FX, pads, and synths and you’re all set for an authentic resurrection of genuine eighties jams.

It includes tempo from 85-147bpm, so, this is suitable for house, electro, nu-disco, EDM, old skool hip-hop and synthwave productions, alongside any other music you’re working on that could benefit from a retro sound palette!


  • 428 MB
  • 24Bit 44.1KHZ
  • 35 Drum Part Loops
  • 27 Synth Loops
  • 22 Synth Instrument Loops
  • 19 Percussion Loops
  • 17 Bass Loops
  • 17 Kick Loops
  • 14 Fx Loops
  • 14 Pad Loops
  • 11 Arp Loops
  • 10 Full Drum Loops
  • 7 Top Loops
  • 45 Midi Files

This pack is also Loopcloud ready!

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