CPE Entertainment & Achievers AWARD 2018 Lagos East Edition

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51 thoughts on “CPE Entertainment & Achievers AWARD 2018 Lagos East Edition

  1. CPE Achiever and Entertainment Award is a moral building event that deserves the support of all stake holders in music and entertainment industries. God bless the organizers. I am CEO G-RECORDS entertainment.

  2. Your Comment,Djkalakuta play 4me like 3teams, and my people call me to give theme D number, he all so play 4us @ AGEGE 1,so Djkalakuta is No 1

  3. I am surprise Suave Recordz is not listed. With there biggest hood concert hosted in surulere (Season 5)/and the Queen’s mic which is the 1st of its kind in Africa hosted in Ikorodu for strictly female artist, female DJs, female Mc and co.. I feel your organization is not being just.. Without selecting Suave Recordz

  4. It’s good to appreciate efficient effort of Talent and hardwork put together,in this case I give kudos to Crowd Puller Event for putting up such award together which encourages people to put in more effort in the entertainment industry…I got this Award in 2013,so I wish all the Nominees best…*cheerz*

  5. Why Nexus is not included among the Best Producer ?
    I am Twhalex from Ikorodu, Lagos, i am A rapper/Singer
    Please i need a promoter/sponsorship in my music career

    I have four track recorded

    http://m.naijapals.com/music.php?id=71293 ____ this year by Twhalex ____ Dance-hall
    http://m.naijapals.com/music.php?id=62642 ____ Para-mood __ Rap single
    http://m.naijapals.com/music.php?id=65874 _____ Love you by ___ Dance-hall
    https://m.naijapals.com/music.php?id=69336 ____ Majaye _______ dance-hall
    https://m.naijapals.com/music.php?id=69338_____ My country ___ Rap single

    For sponsorship contact : +2348186900857 / twhalexmusic@gmail.com

  6. Weldone guys,my vote goes to the best stage vibe artiste of the year Highboya.and the best artiste manager zuma.wish u guys all the best.

  7. JBDF serves better dance wise if there wunt be politics
    I VOTE for them πŸ’―πŸ’― πŸ‘ŒJBDFπŸ‘Œ let nt waste vote on others

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