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On this page, you would find the list of 100’s of free and world-class premium VST plugins such as Compressor VSTs, Equalizer VSTs, Delay/Reverb plugins, Samplers and various kinds of VST plugins.

If you are looking for guides on the selection of VST, you’ll also find them here, good luck and I hope you make good music with these tools.

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  19. Free 6Gb of Content (7 Synthesizers), (9 Sampled Instruments), and 2 (Effects)
  • ERA 4 Plosive Remover by Accusonus (Plugin Review)

    ERA 4 Plosive Remover by Accusonus (Plugin Review)

    If you record vocal, then you most likely would have noticed when you say words that start with ‘P’ or ‘B’ (also known as plosives) into a microphone, it creates a burst of air into the microphone, like a “popping” or “boomy” effect. If you want to get a feel of what this sounds like, try ...

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  • ERA 4 Voice Leveler by Accusonus (Review Guide)

    ERA 4 Voice Leveler by Accusonus (Review Guide)

    As humans, we aren’t born with exactness. You can’t just simply walk into the studio booth, and expect a good vocal consistent take. I am not an advocate of comping vocal (a process where the best parts of multiple takes are combined into a perfect take), why would I record multiple takes, and edit over & ...

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  • ERA 4 De-Clipper by Accusonus (A Practical Review Guide)

    ERA 4 De-Clipper by Accusonus (A Practical Review Guide)

    In this post, we won’t only be doing a review of ERA 4 De-Clipper, but also a practical guide of the ins and out of the plugin, so, first… What is ERA 4 De-Clipper ERA 4 De-Clipper is a simple and easy to use Declipper that automatically detects and re-digitized or restores any clipped portion of an ...

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  • Venom by W.A Production (Plugin Review)

    Venom by W.A Production (Plugin Review)

    In some cases, you need more than reverb and delay to polish your audio recordings, which is where Venom by W.A Production comes in… Venom is a powerful spectral processing plug-in that could reform audio signals into many types of sounds from subtle granular movements to unrecognizable soundscapes. Whether you are a sound designer, musicians, EDM, or afro-beats ...

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  • Gate Snapin by kiloHearts (Plugin Review)

    Gate Snapin by kiloHearts (Plugin Review)

    This is my favorite gating plugin, and I highly recommend this for producers or mixing engineer that love simple and straight to the point plugins. The Gate Snapin by kiloHearts helps to get rid of low hum and noise from your audio signal, cut reverb tails short or exaggerate the dynamics in a beat. If for some ...

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