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On this page, you would find the list of 100’s of free and world-class premium VST plugins such as Compressor VSTs, Equalizer VSTs, Delay/Reverb plugins, Samplers and various kinds of VST plugins.

If you are looking for guides on the selection of VST, you’ll also find them here, good luck and I hope you make good music with these tools.

Remember, keep it simple stupid, nothing in this life is difficult, you just gat to keep grinding, good luck!

CATALYST (Cinematic Drums) by ARIA SOUNDS (77% Off)

Before you begin sorting the random plugins on this page, here are links to the best VST plugins on our website, enjoy (Note: The below links would open in a new tab, so, you can still come back and surf the other ones):

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  4. The Best (Free & Paid) Stereo Widening/Imager [VST/AU/AAX Plugin]
  5. The Best Free & Paid (Tape Stop Effects) VST/AU/AAX Plugin
  6. Best (Transient Shaper) VST/AU/AAX Plugin
  7. Best (Noise Gate) VST/AU/AAX Plugin
  8. The Best Free & Paid [Distortion Effects] VST/AU/AAX Plugin
  9. The Best [Flanger Effects] VST/AU/AAX Plugin
  10. The Best [De-Esser Effects] VST/AU/AAX Plugin
  11. Best Virtual Acoustic Guitar VST Plugin
  12. Top 7 Free Sax (Saxophone) VST Plugins
  13. The 15 Best Free [Guitar] (VST/AU/AAX) Plugin
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  15. The 10 Best Free [Reverb VST] Plugin Effects
  16. The 10 Best Free [Drum] VST Plugin
  17. The Top 5 Best [Superb] Compressor [VST/AAX/AU] Plugins
  18. Free 6Gb of Content (7 Synthesizers), (9 Sampled Instruments), and 2 (Effects)
  • MRhythmizer by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    MRhythmizer by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    What if you could create an unlimited number of crazy rhythms? Well, you can! Let me introduce you to MRhythmizer by MeldaProduction, it is a super awesome time manipulation effect that uses an integrated sequencer to control time, volume, and filters. Whether you are creating stuttering effects, glitch, gating, and even scratches, MRhythmizer is your call for that, as it ...

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  • StereoSavage by Plugin Boutique (Plugin Review)

    StereoSavage by Plugin Boutique (Plugin Review)

    StereoSavage is a plugin that is created for generating and manipulating the stereo. You can achieve stunning stereo your mix with emulations of modern and classic tools that will bring your mix to life. With StereoSavage, you can: Convert mono to stereo for a richer soundscape Separate instruments Add width to your sounds Add motion or excitement with stereo modulation Improve ...

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  • Trance Gate Snapin by kiloHearts (Plugin Review)

    Trance Gate Snapin by kiloHearts (Plugin Review)

    Trance Gate is a gate sequencer plugin by kiloHearts. It can be used to modulate the volume of your audio based on a programmable rhythmic sequence. It’s a really simple one that can be used to add rhythm to a pad or lead, chops up a beat, or adds more staccato to an arpeggio. It features Pattern ...

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  • Gatekeeper by Polyverse (Plugin Review)

    Gatekeeper by Polyverse (Plugin Review)

    Gatekeeper by Polyverse is a flexible, and cutting edge volume modulation, it is capable of producing sequenced volume patterns, MIDI gates, stutter effects, pseudo-sidechain (ducking) effects, planned dynamics, creative gain clipping, and much more. Whether you plan on using Gatekeeper as an LFO, envelope, step sequencer, or volume automation, Gatekeeper is capable of all that, plus ...

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  • Izotope RX7 Review: Does It Really Repair Audio?

    Izotope RX7 Review: Does It Really Repair Audio?

    I have no idea why it took me so long to write a review on Rx7, Izotope Rx7 solved my worst nightmare: Isolating different elements without accessing multi-tracks or stems, I’ll discuss more on that in a moment. Izotope Rx7 is a quick and easy tool for fixing audio issues, it also serves as an audio ...

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CATALYST (Cinematic Drums) by ARIA SOUNDS (77% Off)