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On this page, you would find the list of 100’s of free and world-class premium VST plugins such as Compressor VSTs, Equalizer VSTs, Delay/Reverb plugins, Samplers and various kinds of VST plugins.

If you are looking for guides on the selection of VST, you’ll also find them here, good luck and I hope you make good music with these tools.

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Before you begin sorting the random plugins on this page, here are links to the best VST plugins on our website, enjoy (Note: The below links would open in a new tab, so, you can still come back and surf the other ones):

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  18. Free 6Gb of Content (7 Synthesizers), (9 Sampled Instruments), and 2 (Effects)
  • MGranularMB by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    MGranularMB by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    One major reason I love MeldaProduction is that their updates are free-for-life, which is amazing considering the fact that other plugins charge a ridiculous amount for their updates, it isn’t only about the update, they also make super awesome plugins, to avoid beating around the bush, let’s get on to the review of MGranularMB. MGranularMB is ...

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  • Weiss Deess by Softube (Plugin Review)

    Weiss Deess by Softube (Plugin Review)

    I guess you know de-essing isn’t only for vocals, you can also use it to tame sharp-sounding hi-hat, synth leads, and even use it to suppress harshness while mastering. The Weiss Deess is part of the of Weiss DS1-MK3, but is available as an individual plug-in, I am writing a review about the individual plugin anyway. The ...

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  • ERA 4 De-Esser by accusonus (Plugin Review)

    ERA 4 De-Esser by accusonus (Plugin Review)

    As you probably know by now that harsh sibilance can be very annoying in vocal recordings and even more frustrating in the mix. There are manual ways to get over this issue, for example, you can use sidechaining to knock off the harsh part whenever it comes up, but that’s really time-consuming, and would require lots ...

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  • Oxford SuprEsser by Sonnox (Plugin Review)

    Oxford SuprEsser by Sonnox (Plugin Review)

    The Oxford SuprEsser does what it says, it suppresses harsh sibilance in vocal recording. It has the combination of an intuitive FFT display and three listen to modes that enable you to easily see and hear exactly where the disturbing frequencies are located in the frequency spectrum, which in turn allows rapid reduction or removal of ...

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  • XILS DeeS by XILS Lab (Plugin Review)

    XILS DeeS by XILS Lab (Plugin Review)

    XILS DeeS is a Dessing plugin by XILS Lab that helps you mitigate audio recording issues, while preserving their unique, precious character. What I really love about this plugin is that it is super easy to use, you can detect and correct de-ssing issue in recordings almost instantly. Just move the Frequency Knob and apply Reduction. No more ...

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CATALYST (Cinematic Drums) by ARIA SOUNDS (77% Off)