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On this page, you would find the list of 100’s of free and world-class premium VST plugins such as Compressor VSTs, Equalizer VSTs, Delay/Reverb plugins, Samplers and various kinds of VST plugins.

If you are looking for guides on the selection of VST, you’ll also find them here, good luck and I hope you make good music with these tools.

Remember, keep it simple stupid, nothing in this life is difficult, you just gat to keep grinding, good luck!

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Before you begin sorting the random plugins on this page, here are links to the best VST plugins on our website, enjoy (Note: The below links would open in a new tab, so, you can still come back and surf the other ones):

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  18. Free 6Gb of Content (7 Synthesizers), (9 Sampled Instruments), and 2 (Effects)
  • MStereoSpread by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    MStereoSpread by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    MStereoSpread is an artificial stereo generator that is built with 2 algorithms – High-end spectral algorithm, and the second one is based on comb-filtering. It uses psychoacoustics to bring your tracks closer to the listener and make them as wide and tight as physically and humanly possible. Also, It uses a unique stereo expansion algorithm that provides ...

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  • MAutopanMB by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    MAutopanMB by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    MAutoPanMB is a multiband auto-panner with full configurable independent bands and an adjustable shape feature. It is similar to PanMan by Soundtoys, but MAutoPanMB has more features and extremely versatile. Let’s Take a Look at Some of Its Features… Dual User Interface If you are an avid reader of exclusivemusicplus plugin reviews, you’ll know that I am obsessed with an ...

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  • MStereoGenerator by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    MStereoGenerator by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    MStereoGenerator is a stereo generator by MeldaProduction which purpose is to widen and bring closer monophonic tracks or to just improve the stereo image of stereophonic tracks. This should not be confused with MeldaProductions MStereoSpread and MStereoProcessor. The way it works is creating a tiny artificial space, with extremely small dimensions, this way, it won’t interfere with the ...

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  • StageOne by Leapwing Audio (Plugin Review)

    StageOne by Leapwing Audio (Plugin Review)

    Whether you are looking into widening up a stereo mix, individual drums, piano or guitars without causing phasing issues, then StageOne is a good one. You can add depth to dry sound recordings without changing the tone or timber, turn mono instrument recording into a stereo and even keep mono compatibility with this simple and intuitive plugin. Let’s ...

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  • Little MicroShift by Soundtoys (Plugin Review)

    Little MicroShift by Soundtoys (Plugin Review)

    Little Microshift by Soundtoys is one of the best stereo widening plugins. It can be used on vocals (specifically background vocals), and other elements. If you want to make a lead sound or a lead guitar sound larger, wider, and better, then I’ll highly recommend this plugin. Little MicroShift gives you three different flavors of a ...

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