Ensemble Snapin (Chorus) by kiloHearts (Plugin Review)

Ensemble Snapin by kiloHearts


Ease of Use


Clean Intuitive Interface




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Ensemble Snapin has a really simple and intuitive interface. The way it works is creating an illusion of multiple voices playing in unison. It creates this effect by playing delayed copies of the incoming sound. Another super sleek feature of Ensemble Snapin is the way it modulates the phases of each voice to create a silky smooth result without any metallic flanging.

Of course, this can all be controlled to suit your style.

The good thing about this plugin is that they work together with all Kilohearts plugins. All snapins can work double duty as modular components inside a snapin host. There are several different hosts that allow you to apply any number of snapins in various contexts, like to each individual band in the band-splitter Multipass, or add your full effects chain right inside the preset of the synth Phase Plant.

►Key Features:

  • Voices: Number of voices to play simultaneously.
  • Detune: How quickly to modulate the delay for each voice, affecting how detuned the voices will be.
  • Spread: Pans voices left or right for a stereo effect.
  • Mix: The dry/wet mix of this effect. A lower value will let some of the unmodified signals through.
  • Motion: Selects between different patterns for the modulations of the voices.
  • Resize handle: The bottom right corner of all Kilohearts plugins is a resize handle for scaling the UI to any size.

►System Requirements:

  • Windows (7 or newer) or Mac OS X (10.7 or newer)
  • CPU: 2 GHz or higher
  • Memory: 1 GB or more
  • AAX / AU / VST2 / Snapin

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