Magic Switch Chorus (Free Lo-Fi Chorus Plugin)

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Magic Switch is a free lo-fi chorus plugin by Baby Audio for VST, VST3, AU, AAX plugin formats in your favorite DAW software.

This plugin is a one-button lo-fi chorus effect inspired by the classic analog ‘one-button’ chorus FX modules that were built into synthesizers back in the 80s.

This is also based on the same set of algorithms used for the “Magic” button in BABY Audio’s popular Super VHS plugin. This plugin is really awesome if you are into lo-fi stuff, and the good thing about this plugin is that they are no customization needed in your end, just load it and let it do its job.

From BabyAudio:

We wanted to create a one-button chorus effect as gratifying and magical as the Juno chorus. But since there’s already a thousand emulations of the Juno chorus, it made little sense to release #1001. Instead, we wanted Magic Switch to be its own thing, with its own sound.

Magic Switch is designed for the software age, where the source material is cleaner, louder, and often begs for a more radical transformation. Super VHS is all about adding that bit of ‘otherness’ to a clean sound ​—​ and Magic Switch may be its most distinctive effect. So we’re excited to give it away as a free stand-alone plugin.

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Download Magic Switch Chorus

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