Syntorus 2 (Chorus) by D16 Group (Plugin Review)

Syntorus 2 by D16 Group


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Syntorus is an award-winning chorus effect plugin that is built to emulate the analogue chorus effect, according to D16 Group, it is inspired by the revered effects found in classic synthesizers such as the Solina String Ensemble, Elka Synthex, and Roland Juno-106.

As you probably know that a classic chorus effect is created by mixing an audio signal with one or more delayed and pitch-modulate multiple copies of it. D16 Group did something different, they constructed an extremely precise model of a high-quality BBD (bucket brigade device) analogue delay line in the digital domain, which in turn results in an incredibly warm, musical sound with no unwanted digital artifacts.

Another interesting feature of the Syntorus effect plugin is the Filter and Tremolo, as you can see in the above image that each delay line has its own multimode filter and a tremolo effect built-in, both governed by the same modulation sources as the delay time.

There is also the cut-off knob, which you can use to create interesting automation.

Lastly, it perfectly synchronized with the host DAW, while you might face phasing issues with synchronizing in other chorus effect plugin, Syntorus 2 tackles that, and the phase would be perfectly synchronized to the play head position within your project, ensuring that your chorus always sounds exactly as it should at any point on the timeline.

►Key Features:

  • High-quality analogue BBD delay line emulation
  • 3 delay lines, each one featuring: New Multimode filter, Tremolo effect, and a New Panning
  • 3 LFO generators, each one featuring: 6 waveforms, Timeline-locked tempo sync, Independent phase shift controls for left and right channels with link option, and an Amplitude control with invert option
  • 3 LFO-to-delay-line routing configurations
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • Three GUI scaling options
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • Over 100 presets
  • and many more

►System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Mac OS X (10.7 and newer, 64-bit only)
  • Windows – 2.5 GHz with SSE (Multicore system 2.8 GHz recommended)
  • Mac – CPU Intel-based 2.5 GHz (2.8 GHz recommended)
  • Win: VST / AAX compatible host application (32bit or 64bit)
  • Mac: AU / VST / AAX compatible host application (64bit only)

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