Compressor Effects

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Compression is an effect or an audio processing tool that is used to control the overall Dynamics of an audio signal or an audio portion.

On this page, you would find an updated list of free or paid compressor effects plugin for your music needs.

Keep making good music!

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  • OTT (Free Multiband Compressor)

    OTT (Free Multiband Compressor)

    OTT is based on a popular Ableton compressor presets and are redesigned has a  three-band compressor that can either be used as an Upward or Downward compressor. Features: Depth control to scale the amount of compression Time control to scale the attack/release times of all bands Input and Output gain controls Visual display of input and gain reduction over the ...

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  • TDR Kotelnikov (Free Compressor Plugin)

    TDR Kotelnikov (Free Compressor Plugin)

    TDR Kotelnikov is a plugin by tokyodawn, the maker of TDR Nova. Kotelnikov is a wideband dynamics compressor that is designed with high fidelity dynamic range control with deep musical flexibility. Their Nova plugin is a combo of Eq and Compressor while Kotelnikov is built solely for dynamic processing and has an on par features such as a proven control ...

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Cabal 8 by Wavelet Audio Header Image