Delay Effects

Welcome to the Delay effects page, you would find an updated list of free or paid delay effects plugin on this page for your music needs.

Here is a link to the best Delay effects plugin on our website, enjoy (Note: The below links would open in a new tab, so, you can still come back and surf the other ones):

The Best (Free & Paid) Delay [VST Effects ] Plugins

  • The Best (Free & Paid) Delay [VST Effects ] Plugins

    The Best (Free & Paid) Delay [VST Effects ] Plugins

    Just like chorus and flanger effects, a delay effect is also a member of modulation effects, where an audio sound is modulated by adding a time-delayed version of the sound to itself and then varying the size of that delay over a specific period of time. The way delay work is taking an input signal to ...

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  • EchoBoy by Soundtoys (Plugin Review)

    EchoBoy by Soundtoys (Plugin Review)

    Soundtoys plugins are one of the best music effect tools of this era, and I would have to admit that their products are one of my favorites, and here we have another of their plug-in – Mr. EchoBoy! EchoBoy is the collection of numerous, and classic echo devices in one clean cutting edge interface, if you ...

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  • EchoBoy Jr. by Soundtoys (Plugin Review)

    EchoBoy Jr. by Soundtoys (Plugin Review)

    I previously reviewed EchoBoy by Soundtoys, where I mentioned how versatile, and powerful it is, and here we have the junior of Echoboy that is packed with quality, lots, and utility and is even more flexible. Honestly, if you already own Echoboy, please you don’t need this, but if you can’t afford the price tag of ...

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  • Echoes T7E by Audiority (Plugin Review)

    Echoes T7E by Audiority (Plugin Review)

    Audiority’s Echoes T7E is an analog Modelled Italian Magnetic Echo Plugin, which is based on a magnetic spinning drum with both record and playback heads arranged around a recording wire wound around the drum circumference. This solution provides better stability over the usual tape transport with reduced wow and flutter. They modeled both the mechanic and the ...

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  • Slappy (Delay) by denise (Plugin Review)

    Slappy (Delay) by denise (Plugin Review)

    Slappy by denise is a quick and easy to use saturated slapback delay, I particularly love this delay plugin when I need to get the job done as quick as possible, for example, you can easily create a slapback effect on almost about any element, e.g Vocals, drums, and even guitar. Regular digital saturation can sound ...

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