Face Bender (Free Distortion VST Plugin)

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Face Bender can actually bend & skew your face (joking off course!) This is a plugin by Distorque Audio that emulates a Fuzz Face and a Tone Bender MKII with added controls for tweaking. It runs in mono or stereo and has selectable 2x oversampling. it only works with PC!

The Fuzz Face was first made by Arbiter Electronics in 1966. It had a thick, fuzzy distortion and was made famous by artists like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and David Gilmour. The Tone Bender MKII was also released in 1966, by Sola Sound. Compared to the Fuzz Face, it has a brighter, more distorted sound.


  • Fuzz Face and Tone Bender MKII emulation.
  • runs in mono or stereo.
  • selectable 2x oversampling.
  • Input Level – This controls the volume going into the effect.
  • Input Filter – This controls how much filtering is done on the input. Try turning it down for a brighter tone. To emulate the volume control clean-up of the fuzz face, turn down both the Input Level and the Input Filter controls.
  • Gate – This changes the bias of the effect, making a gated sound. This can be used as a noise gate but works better for splattery fuzz sounds.
  • Clean Blend – This blends in a clean input signal with the distorted fuzz.
  • Lo Cut – This controls the bass on the input.
  • Hi-Cut – This controls the treble on the output.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
  • Stereo and Mono operation.

System Requirements:

  • PC and VST only.

Download Face Bender


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