Distortion Plugins

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You would find an updated list of free and paid distortion plugins on this page for your distortion needs in your preferred DAW.

Over-using might destroy your mixes!

  • StageCraft – BitCrusher (Free)

    StageCraft - BitCrusher (Free)

    BitCrusher is a free bit crusher plugin by StageCraft that allows you to control bit rate, rate reduction, and stereo spread (with visual feedback). You would also find a filter section on the noise to allow you to alter the characteristics of the noise, taking it from white (full spectrum) to pink, or anything in between. ...

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  • Plusdistortion (Free Op-amp Overdrive Plugin)

    Plusdistortion (Free Op-amp Overdrive Plugin)

    Plusdistortion is a plugin by Distorque Audio, in collaboration with Jorge Gómez for most of the skin elements. The Plusdistortion plug-in is an emulation of an MXR Distortion+. It has a wide range of distortion sounds from a little bit of dirt to a giant fuzz/crunch tone. It emulates the germanium diode clipping used in the Distortion+, ...

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  • 8-Bit Shaper (Free Bit Crusher Plugin)

    8-Bit Shaper (Free Bit Crusher Plugin)

    8-Bit Shaper is a free Bit Crusher plugin by xfer Record, it processes the incoming audio signal and reduces it to 8-bits. It then induces a waveshaper stage with optional pre and post-filtering to allow for even further coloration of the signal. Try it on drumloops, leads, basses, and more. System Requirements: PC and Mac VST/AU Download 8-Bit Shaper Win // ...

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  • Delta Modulator (Free Bit Crusher plugin)

    Delta Modulator (Free Bit Crusher plugin)

    Delta Modulator is a free bit crusher plugin by xfer Records, it is based on a signal modulation technique found in Nintendo NES console’s delta modulation channel. Unlike traditional bit crushers, it uses delta modulation, resulting in a sound similar to what you’d hear in Nintendo NES gaming console’s sampling channel. System Requirements Mac and PC VST/AU Download Delta Modulator ...

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  • TAL-DAC (Free Bit-Crusher)

    TAL-DAC (Free Bit-Crusher)

    TAL-DAC is a free bit crusher and sample rate reducer by TAL Software. It is based on the TAL-Sampler sound engine, and emulates a sample recorded on a low sample rate with reduced bit depth, and upsamples it to the desired host sample rate. Also, it is possible to choose different algorithms for the upsampling process to ...

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