Filter Effects

You would find an updated list of free and paid filter effects on this page for your needs in your preferred DAW.

I can’t do without using an automated filter effect, find your preferred one, and stick to it!

  • Filter Bank V3 (Free Dj/Producer Filter)

    Filter Bank V3 (Free Dj/Producer Filter)

    Are you a Dj, and or producer, looking for a good multimode filter? Search no more has Filter Bank V3 combines 5 different filter types, LFO’s, with pure Analogue modeled dirt this filter sounds fantastic. Features: Beautiful analog modeled filter bank. A valuable tool in and out of the studio for both producers and DJs. 5 filter types including ...

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  • Filta Crunch – SonicXTC (Free Distortion FIlter)

    Filta Crunch - SonicXTC (Free Distortion FIlter)

    Filta Crunch 2.0 is a free distortion filter plugin by SonicXCT to create depth and warmth to any signal. FC01 is a re-creation of an insert signal chain used in many studios when tracking drums, instruments or vocals for recording. It consists of a classic Moog type filter, a tube amp drive modeled after the old Silvertone ...

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  • StageCraft – AutoFilter (Free Multi-Parameter Filter)

    StageCraft - AutoFilter (Free Multi-Parameter Filter)

    AutoFilter is a free filter plugin by StageCraft that gives you all the functionality you’d expect from a professional filter plugin. It supports the control of a filter cutoff frequency, and filter response. Also, you can sweep the filter frequency with a range of LFOs, vary the range of the frequency sweep, duty cycle warp the LFO, and ...

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  • Ceres – (Free Filter Vst Plugin)

    Ceres - (Free Filter Vst Plugin)

    Ceres might seem a little difficult to use, but it is actually easy. It features Filter, Lfo, Envelope, and Step Controller module. Just pick whatever filter you intend to use, and play with the other modules to get your desired output. Features: 1 filter (LP, HP, BP, Notch, Peak). 1 mod-envelope. 2 LFO BPM synchable. 8 steps controller. MIDI Learn by ...

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  • NF2 Notch Filter – (Free Filter)

    NF2 Notch Filter - (Free Filter)

    NF2 Notch Filter is a free plugin by Samcycle that is influenced by the Notch Filter section of the Ibanez MSP 1000. Practically, you can control both the low pass and high pass frequency with each distinct level. System Requirements: Win32 and Vst only Download NF2 Notch Filter Free

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