Filter Effects

You would find an updated list of free and paid filter effects on this page for your needs in your preferred DAW.

I can’t do without using an automated filter effect, find your preferred one, and stick to it!

  • SF-1 (Free Low/High Pass Filter)

    SF-1 (Free Low/High Pass Filter)

    SF-1 is a free and simple low and high pass filter, it features: Filter select switch, Filter level control, Output level control, Midi learn, 32 patch spaces. System Requirements: Win32 and VST only Download SF-1

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  • sfilter (Free Step Filter Sequencer)

    sfilter (Free Step Filter Sequencer)

    sFilter is a free discontinued step filter sequencer by de la Mancha, with this plugin, you can create gating, sweeps, or rhythmic modulation of filter cut-off. It uses a variable state filter, varying between 2 adjustable cut-off values according to a tempo-synced step sequencer. An LFO can also modulate the filter for extra movement. It is a ...

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  • Xferrecords – DJMFilter (Free LP/HP Filter)

    DJMFilter is a free dual LowPass/HighPass filter module that emulates the DJM-900 filter, all in one slick control that sounds great and can easily be automated through your DAW or mapped to any MIDI controller. System Requirements: VST and AU for Mac OS X VST for Windows Download XferRecords – DJMFilter

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  • Ohm force – Frohmage (Free Cheesy Filter Plugin)

    Ohm force - Frohmage (Free Cheesy Filter Plugin)

    Frohmage is a powerful filter by Ohm Force that delivers warmth, dirt, and much more at a pristine audio quality. This multi-band resonant filter has fine controls over its low-pass and bandpasses for up to 15 additional bands, as well as a built-in distortion with two routing schemes and delay stages on each band for unique ...

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  • GuDa audio – FiltR (Free Multi-Mode Filter)

    GuDa audio - FiltR (Free Multi-Mode Filter)

    FiltR is a filter effect plugin by GuDa audio with multiple filter modes based on the high-quality filters from SynthR. Features: It is easy to use and always 2x oversampled. The interface is scalable and with a choice of several color sets. System Requirement: Win32 0r 64 OSX Download GuDa audio – FiltR

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