Filter Effects

You would find an updated list of free and paid filter effects on this page for your needs in your preferred DAW.

I can’t do without using an automated filter effect, find your preferred one, and stick to it!

  • TAL Filter 2 (Free Filter Effect)

    TAL Filter 2 (Free Filter Effect)

    TAL-Filter is a host synced filter plugin by TAL software that features different filter types, panorama, and volume modulation possibilities. Also, it includes all 4x oversampled TAL-NoiseMaker filters: LP 24 dB LP 18dB LP 12dB LP 6dB HP 12 dB BP 12dB N 12 dB. It’s possible to saturate/distort the input signal by raising the input volume with the input control (only if you use ...

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  • HY-Reso ( Free Bandpass Filter)

    HY-Reso ( Free Bandpass Filter)

    HY-Reso is a free bandpass filter by HY-plugin, It has 3 parallel chained bandpass filters. The structure is based on MAM RS3. Those filters can be modulated by LFO and Env Follower. Features: Re-sizable interface. Preset manager. System Requirements: Win32 and VST only Download HY-Reso ( Free Bandpass Filter)

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  • Aurelia-filtha (Free Lowpass Filter)

    Aurelia-filtha (Free Lowpass Filter)

    Aurelia-filtha filter plugin by easytoolz is a free stereo low pass filter plugin, while this type of plugin has limited functionality when compared to a paid filter plugin, it is really good when your budget is low and or you just need a simple filter plugin. Features: Special Low-Pass Filter (known from my easy-muug/Protege-Emus). LFO 2 with 6 ...

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  • Forbice – Free Filter Vst Plugin

    Forbice - Free Filter Vst Plugin

    Forbice is a stereo filter plugin by Acrobatic which provides maximum tools for audio cutting and mangling audio. The full-stereo and flexible architecture allow complex configurations of parameters and true musical interaction of envelope and filters with user audio input contents. Two channels -12/-24/-36/-48 dB LowPass filter is driven dynamically through a fast AHR envelope, key tracked ...

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  • Flexfilterbank 2 -(Free Filter Bank Plugin)

    Flexfilterbank 2 -(Free Filter Bank Plugin)

    Flexfilterbank 2 is a free 8 filter band plug-in for filtering purposes. Each filter band has a distinct volume and frequency knobs. The overall bandwidth of the filters can be adjusted too. Feed it with noise, strings, drums, or voice to get vocoder-like effects, enhance or damp frequencies, or get special effects. The emulation of electronic ...

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