Gatey Watey by Boz Digital Labs (Plugin Review)

Gatey Watey by Boz Digital Labs


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Gatey Watey is a simple and easy to use gate plugin, it lets you choose which frequencies you want to attenuates when the signal falls below the threshold, similar to the way the threshold kicks in compression settings. Gatey Watey works well for de-noising annoying signal without affecting the main audio signal, a use case is getting rid of drum bleed without cutting off your drums.

Unlike other gate plugins, Gatey Watey has a frequency selective attenuation, which means you can tell it to only attenuate a certain frequency when the input drop below the threshold.

This feature can be really powerful if you know what you are doing, for example,  if you want to cut the high hat bleed out of a snare without killing the ring of the snare, Gatey Watey is your preferred choice.

It features the major gate parameters such as Threshold, Range, Attack, Release, and Lookahead. What I find interesting is the frequency select mode, the middle mode is the standard, same as other gating plugins. at the left section is the Low-frequency mode, and the right is the high-frequency mode.

The low-frequency mode preserves all your low frequencies, and only gates the high frequencies, and on top of that, you can set the crossover to nitpick where you want the gates to act on. This can help in drums, e.g cutting high-ends in cymbals, and snare.

This is the best gate plugin if you are concerned about gating certain frequencies only, enjoy.

Key Features:

  • Frequency selective gating
  • Lookahead
  • Simple Interface
  • No Learning Curve

System Requirements:


  • AAX/AU (Audio Units)/RTAS/VST/VST3



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