CS-12 (Free Mastering Channel Strip)

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CS-12 is a beast of mastering channel strip that can take your mixes from lame to a full-featured mastered song, obviously, you mix gat to be good before using any mastering plugin.

It Features:

  • Bypass.
  • In-output gain + reset.
  • Pan + wide.
  • Invert output.
  • Left/right phase invert.
  • Phase meter.
  • 12 Graphic bands.
  • 9 Q settings.
  • Clipper + drive.
  • Stereo doubler.
  • Lowpass, Highpass.
  • Punch mode.
  • NY compressor (soft/hard)+ Knock.
  • Tape saturator.
  • ReLife recover (C).
  • Low-High Exciters.
  • EQ 12-6 dB switch.
  • Output 12-6 dB switch.
  • 22 presets.
  • In-out meters + peak-hold. Meters on/off.
  • HQ engine – multicore support.

System Requirements:

  • Windows and VST only

Download CS-12 Mastering Suite

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