Misc Effects

This page houses miscellaneous plugin effects that don’t fall under other the major VST/AU/AAX categories.

Enjoy the misc!

  • Venom by W.A Production (Plugin Review)

    Venom by W.A Production (Plugin Review)

    In some cases, you need more than reverb and delay to polish your audio recordings, which is where Venom by W.A Production comes in… Venom is a powerful spectral processing plug-in that could reform audio signals into many types of sounds from subtle granular movements to unrecognizable soundscapes. Whether you are a sound designer, musicians, EDM, or afro-beats ...

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  • MGranularMB by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    MGranularMB by MeldaProduction (Plugin Review)

    One major reason I love MeldaProduction is that their updates are free-for-life, which is amazing considering the fact that other plugins charge a ridiculous amount for their updates, it isn’t only about the update, they also make super awesome plugins, to avoid beating around the bush, let’s get on to the review of MGranularMB. MGranularMB is ...

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  • Batch Pro (Utility Software) By [Digital Brain] 🗸 Review

    Batch Pro (Utility Software) By [Digital Brain] 🗸 Review

    Batch Pro is a utility plugin by Digital Brain, that is geared towards real-time processing & recording a large number of files in a single click. It is more of standalone software than a VST plugins, although you can still process files through up to 4 VST/AU Plugins. Batch Pro is handy for processing a large number of ...

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  • That Thing By [BeatSkillz] ✪ Plugin Review

    That Thing By [BeatSkillz] ✪ Plugin Review

    In this review guide, you would learn… The Features of That Thing By BeatSkillz If it is worth using at all Prices and more, let’s get started… That Thing is a Multi-FX Processor that features 50 samples of old vinyl players, tape machines, old radio, tube gear, atmospheres, ambiance, and much more. What I love about this plugin is the simplicity, ...

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  • MegaDrom (Random Noise VST Plugin)

    MegaDrom (Random Noise VST Plugin)

    A plugin by shuttleplugs that is an extended stereo version of their first release – “drom”. MegaDrom turns your signal into a layer of noise, blips & splatter. Lots of fun for real-time tweaking. With subtle mix-settings, it can also be used to add some modulating texture to a track. The most drastic effects are achieved by using ...

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