Reverb Effects

Reverb is the simulation of the sound of space. This space could be your bathroom, a small room, a concert hall, a chamber, and so on.

It can be used to create all sorts of effects but it can easily be misused too, basically reverb effects can be used to…

  • To create depth in a mix; pushing elements further back in a mix
  • To glue elements within a track together
  • and many more.

On this Reverb effects page, you would find an updated list of free and paid reverb effects plugin for your music production DAW.

Enjoy your stay!

  • ERA 4 Reverb Remover by Accusonus (Practical Review Guide)

    ERA 4 Reverb Remover by Accusonus (Practical Review Guide)

    In this post, we won’t only be doing a review of ERA 4 Reverb Remover, but also a practical guide of the ins and out of the plugin. There are certain kinds of reverb (or for simplicity ‘echoes’) you don’t want in your audio recordings, in short, if you are recording in a non-ideal condition or ...

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  • Spring by Eventide (Plugin Review)

    Spring by Eventide (Plugin Review)

    Eventide Spring is an easy reverb that models the sound and character of the popular artificial reverb found in guitar amplifiers, with an additional tube amp style tremolo. It doesn’t only model the sound and the character, but also allows you to make a further tweak to physical parameter controls not readily available in the real ...

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  • GrainSpace by Audiority (Plugin Review)

    GrainSpace by Audiority (Plugin Review)

    GrainSpace is a granular processor by Audiority that focuses on real-time granularization and reverberation of the incoming audio signal. Before we go further, I’ll love to give a basic explanation of how granularization works: The way granulizers works is using source material as its wave sample, you don’t have to load any source, just load an instance ...

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  • Verberate Basic (A Free Reverb Plugin)

    Verberate Basic (A Free Reverb Plugin)

    The Verberate Basic is a free reverb plugin by Acon Digital bases on their Verberate 2 paid reverb plugin, it offers the same highly praised audio quality. The plug-in offers four high quality presets from Verberate 2 that showcase the quality and versatility of the algorithm: Plate, a realistic simulation of plate reverb with the typical ...

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  • The 10 Best Free [Reverb VST] Plugin Effects [2020]

    The 10 Best Free [Reverb VST] Plugin Effects [2020]

    I am very sure you have heard or use a reverb effect multiple times in your music projects, and if you haven’t used it in your projects, you’ve come across it on most occasions, but you aren’t aware it’s a reverb. Before we dive into the best free reverb vst plugin, let me briefly explain what ...

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