Reverb Effects

Reverb is the simulation of the sound of space. This space could be your bathroom, a small room, a concert hall, a chamber, and so on.

It can be used to create all sorts of effects but it can easily be misused too, basically reverb effects can be used to…

  • To create depth in a mix; pushing elements further back in a mix
  • To glue elements within a track together
  • and many more.

On this Reverb effects page, you would find an updated list of free and paid reverb effects plugin for your music production DAW.

Enjoy your stay!

  • epicVerb (Free Digital Reverberation Simulator)

    epicVerb (Free Digital Reverberation Simulator)

    The epicVerb is a free reverb plugin by Variety of Sound, it was released around 2009, but that does not make it outdated, it is one of the best free reverb plugins out there! Well, you can try it out yourself since it is free, but before you do, let’s learn some of its features: It aims ...

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  • Voxengo – OldSkoolVerb [Review and Download]

    Voxengo – OldSkoolVerb [Review and Download]

    Voxengo plugins have been my best and ready to go reverb plugin for my music production toolbox. It is an amazing plugin, and the best thing is, it is free. OldSkoolVerb emulates the classic stereo verb algorithm and produces a crystal clear spatial image that blends well with an audio file. This reverb tool comes bundled with various sets ...

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  • TAL Reverb 4 (Free Plate Reverb)

    TAL Reverb 4 (Free Plate Reverb)

    TAL-Reverb-4 is a high-quality plate reverb by TAL Software with a vintage 80’s character, it features: Modulated vintage reverb sound. Very diffuse sound. Fast build-up time, also with long reverb sounds. Works on almost every audio material. Easy to use. Only stereo channels supported. Download TAL Reverb 4

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  • TAL-Reverb III (Free Reverb Download)

    TAL-Reverb III (Free Reverb Download)

    TAL-Reverb 3 is designed to be used as a stereo plate plug-in, which is the replacement of its predecessor (TAL-Reverb-II). This new edition has several improvements such as an optimized GUI and some changes in the reverb algorithm. Additionally, TAL-Reverb 3 has a simple EQ section, a meter display, and shows actual slider values. Features: Plate reverb sound. One simple room size ...

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  • Signaldust – Abstract Chamber (Free Reverb Plugin)

    Signaldust – Abstract Chamber (Free Reverb Plugin)

    I don’t know if you ever notice undesirable reverb effect when used for longer reverb sounds, it sounds frustrating some times, with Abstract Chamber you can create a longer modulated reverbs whole also maintaining a natural yet abstract spatial impression. It only supports VST Download Abstract Chamber

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