Virtual Guitar Amber Review

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Virtual Guitar Amber is inspired by the discontinued virtual instrument developed by Wizoo (Steinberg).

Amber is built beyond the basics of a virtual acoustic guitar, featuring a vastly expanded realism, easy to use and made for musicians of all levels. The great thing about Amber is that it is designed to produce a realistic acoustic guitar sounds without distracting you from the complexity of setting up a real guitar (Think about mic positioning, effects, studio recording room, etc).

Virtual Guitar Amber Breakdown

Amber is built around patterns and styles, think of it this way: You press a key on the keyboard or a piano-roll, and then Amber play strum chords in designated phrases combined into styles & determined by the notes you play.

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Keep in mind, that the sounds have been designed on a premium acoustic steel strings guitar, saving you a hassle of setting a professional one from the ground up.

With over 600 phrases & 50+ styles, you can experiment and unleash the power of various playing styles and rhythmic sounds.

One special thing I love about Amber is that, it is built to be fail-proof, no matter what you do, or how you ended up with your customization, your results won’t be musically wrong, experiment away!

As if that isn’t enough, Amber has it’s own built-in effects such as delay for dialing an echo effect, chorus to make the guitar sound more in-depth, and reverb to add the ambiance of a studio recording room to your guitar sound.

While I don’t really enjoy using built-in effects that come preloaded with virtual instruments, Amber built-in effects changed my perspectives and were not only really good but also instantly accessible. Of course, you can go with your preferred audio processing tools.

Although Virtual guitar amber is a great alternative to a real steel-string guitar, it isn’t perfect and not for everyone, so…

Who is Virtual Guitar Amber Recommended For?

Amber is recommended for users that…

  • Doesn’t have access to a professional guitar
  • Want to quickly lay down a track without the hassle of setting up a studio recording session, finding the perfect angle, tuning a guitar and so on
  • Want to work with a wide range of phrases and styles, which can ensure the possibility of different styles of music
  • Want to use MIDI-Controlled guitar track as a source for electronic manipulation and
  • many more.

Who is Virtual Guitar Amber Not Recommended For?

Our use cases are different, if you are well capable of owning a professional guitar, a good recording studio, and properly recording them, then you might be well off without Amber.

Also, if you won’t be dealing with strum chords, then Amber might not be what you want since it is mostly based on strum chords.


Virtual Guitar Amber is a great virtual acoustic guitar instrument that abstracts the complexity of setting one up, giving you the freedom of creating great-sounding guitar tracks.

All in all, you have to be good at what you do before you lay your hands on any virtual instrument. Remember, be creative and don’t let the beauty of a plugin use you.

Recommended: Beginners -> Professional

O.S: PC & Mac

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