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Deal & Coupon Page

  • Loopcloud Plugins DRUM & PLAY Bundle Holiday Sale (Exclusive)

    DEAL - 60% OFF

    - 08 January, 2023

    The Loopcloud DRUM & PLAY Bundle contains both of Loopcloud's much-loved plugins. DRUM provides you with unique drums in seconds by turning samples into expressive kits. PLAY places signature sounds i

  • Plugin Boutique StereoSavage 2 Holiday Sale (Exclusive)

    DEAL - UP TO 50% OFF

    - 08 January, 2023

    StereoSavage 2 is a powerful stereo creation, image control, metering, and modulation tool. It does everything from double tracking to auto-panning and It covers almost everything you'd need to make y

  • Excite Audio Lifeline Holiday Sale (Exclusive)

    DEAL - UP TO 42% OFF

    - 08 January, 2023

    Excite Audio's Lifeline range features two essential multi-effects, Lifeline Expanse which will breathe life into any sound, and Lifeline Console which adds character to any audio. Buy or upgrade now

  • Serum Presets Bundle Sale (Exclusive)

    DEAL - 33% OFF

    - 08 January, 2023

    Upgrade your copy of Serum across a huge span of genres! Fill up your Serum preset library with 15 of the most popular and well-respected preset packs that we have to offer. On sale now for only £49

  • Loopmasters Plugins KHORDS and Expansions Holiday Sale (Exclusive)

    DEAL - UP TO 73% OFF

    - 08 January, 2023

    With KHORDS, it’s never been easier to get mix-ready tones straight into your tracks. Save up to 73% on KHORDS and all expansions for a limited time only, exclusively in our Holiday sale!

  • Loopmasters Plugins Bass Master and Expansions Holiday Sale (Exclusive)

    DEAL - UP TO 73% OFF

    - 08 January, 2023

    An inspiring instrument totally dedicated to bass, built to produce mix-ready low-end for any genre and production. Save up to 73% on Bass Master and all expansions for a limited time only, exclusivel

  • Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra & Expansions Holiday Sale (Exclusive)

    DEAL - UP TO 57% OFF

    - 08 January, 2023

    Carbon Electra has built a reputation for being a powerful and easy-to-program synth, as well as an advanced learning tool. Grab Carbon Electra and individual expansions with up to 57% off and prices

  • Loopcloud Plugins DRUM Holiday Sale (Exclusive)

    DEAL - UP TO 63% OFF

    - 08 January, 2023

    Whether you create kits from scratch or intricately edit loops, Loopcloud DRUM will enhance the way you work with beats. Save up to 63% including expansions and bundles in our exclusive sale!

  • Plugin Boutique Presets Phase Plant Expansions Bundle Holiday Sale (Exclusive)

    DEAL - 51% OFF

    - 08 January, 2023

    The Phase Plant Expansions Bundle is a collection of 3 unmissable expansions featuring Drum & Bass Phenomenon, Galactic Future Bass, and Synthwave Dimensions. Sounds of nostalgia, the current cutting

  • PLUGINS THAT KNOCK - Knock Knock, It's the Holiday Sale!

    DEAL - 20% OFF

    15 December, 2022 - 09 January, 2023

    KNOCK is built to make your drums punch through your mix and is inspired by the signature sound of renowned producer DECAP. Buy now with 20% off!

  • Audiority Winter Sale

    DEAL - UP TO 50% OFF

    - 09 January, 2023

    Audiority provide high-quality plugins for all types of music-making. Save up to 50% off the entire range of individual plugins for a limited time only.

  • Get Your Groove On: Bogren Digital's Holiday Sale - Save Up to 40% on Guitar and Drum Products!

    DEAL - UP TO 39% OFF

    - 09 January, 2023

    Bogren Digital is currently offering a holiday sale with discounts of up to 40% on a selection of their guitar and drum-focused products. This is a great opportunity for musicians and audio enthusiasts to take advantage of some amazing deals and upgr

  • NUGEN Audio Paragon Sale

    DEAL - UP TO 29% OFF

    - 09 January, 2023

    Paragon is a true convolution reverb with the flexibility and control of a classic algorithmic reverb, giving you the sound of real spaces, now with unprecedented tweakability. Buy now with 29% off!

  • CloudBounce Holiday Sale (Exclusive)

    DEAL - UP TO 95% OFF

    - 09 January, 2023

    CloudBounce is the automated mastering software that brings you lightning-fast music mastering on your desktop. Save up to 95% for a limited time in our Holiday sale!

  • iZotope Music Production Suite 5 Holiday Sale

    DEAL - UP TO 88% OFF

    21 November, 2022 - 10 January, 2023

    Music Production Suite 5 Universal Edition includes the brand new Ozone 10 Advanced mastering suite and RX 10 Standard restoration suite, along with the Neutron 4 mixing suite, immersive reverbs Strat

  • iZotope Neoverb Holiday Sale

    DEAL - 74% OFF

    21 November, 2022 - 10 January, 2023

    iZotope Neoverb is the most intelligent reverb plug-in for music producers. Leave the trial and error behind and design unique spaces for vocals and instruments in seconds, without muddying the mix. S

  • iZotope Tonal Balance Control 2 Holiday Sale

    DEAL - 50% OFF

    16 December, 2022 - 10 January, 2023

    Get decades of mastering expertise in your next session with Tonal Balance Control 2, a plug-in that lets you overcome your listening environment and get a balanced mix that translates to your audienc

  • iZotope Holiday Bundle Sale

    DEAL - 92% OFF

    - 10 January, 2023

    Give yourself the gift of release-ready audio this year with the limited-edition iZotope Holiday Bundle that includes the new Ozone 10 Elements and Neutron 4 Elements, track-referencing app Audiolens,

  • iZotope Neutron 4 Holiday Sale

    DEAL - UP TO 81% OFF

    - 10 January, 2023

    Mix smarter and faster with iZotope’s Neutron 4, your complete suite for crafting a professional mix. Sculpt sounds seamless while staying in your flow. Mix in the moment. Buy now or crossgrade from

  • iZotope Ozone 10 Holiday Sale

    DEAL - UP TO 77% OFF

    - 10 January, 2023

    Achieving a professional master has never been faster or more personalized than with Ozone 10. Pick up your copy of the most advanced mastering suite in the world, with up to 78% off, including crossg