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Plugin Boutique Deals

Looking for the best deals on music production tools and resources?

You've come to the right place!

We are dedicated to bringing you the latest promotions and discounts on a wide variety of audio plugins, virtual instruments, sample libraries, and more.

Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, we have something for every level of musician.

From VSTs and AU plugins to Kontakt libraries and synth presets, we have the resources you need to take your music to the next level.

So check back often and take advantage of these amazing deals!

  • W.A. Production Deluxe Vocal Bundle Holiday Sale

    This bundle is an invaluable resource for any artist or producer looking to take their vocals to the next level. It includes a variety of tools and resources that will help you get the sound you want, from vocal processing software to instructional g

  • W.A. Production Babylon + Expansions Bundle Holiday Sale

    W.A. Production, a leading manufacturer in the music production industry, is offering a fantastic holiday sale on their flagship synth, Babylon. This sleek and streamlined synthesizer is perfect for a wide range of genres and comes with expansions t

  • W.A. Production InstaChord 2 Holiday Sale

    InstaChord 2 took the popular InstaChord plugin to the next level. The new ability to create patterns and additional included features have really been game changers and now, W.A. Production is excite

  • W.A. Production Ultimate MIDI Bundle 2 Holiday Sale

    W. A. Production has become known for their popular MIDI plugins which can help producers create unique chords, scales, melodies, and more, helping make their workflow easier and more efficient. Buy o

  • W.A. Production Instaseries Bundle Holiday Sale

    W.A. Production have combined their most powerful resources: InstaComposer, InstaScale, and InstaChord, into one fantastic package. Now, you can access the missing link in that perfect scale or brilli

  • W.A. Production CHORDS Holiday Sale

    After the release of the original “CHORDS”, W.A Production developed “CHORDS PRO” to include lots of user requests. Now it’s time for another innovative update, with CHORDS PRO + NOTES takin

  • W.A. Production InstaComposer Holiday Sale

    InstaComposer is a MIDI generation plugin that can conjure melody, rhythm, bass, pads, and chords at the click of a button - all using artificial intelligence to create genuinely useful and musical ri

  • W.A. Production Holiday Sale

    W. A. Production create unique, cutting-edge audio software and presets that will change the way you use plugins in every aspect of the music production process, from mixing to mastering and sound des

  • BFD Holiday Sale

    BFD3 is the third generation of BFD's flagship software acoustic drum studio: new levels of realism and ground-breaking features in an intuitive redesigned engine. Save 61% in our Holiday sale!

  • United Plugins United Reverb Bundle Sale

    Are you not sure which of United Plugins' reverbs is the best? Then grab all of them at once. This time-limited bundle contains Hyperspace, Verbum Entropic Hall, MorphVerb, Cryostasis, and Mirror. Try

  • AIR Music Technology Holiday Sale

    AIR Music Technology stand at the forefront of the virtual instrument game with their diverse and cutting-edge products covering all aspects of sound design from classic emulations to ultra-modern syn

  • sonible End of Year Sale

    Explore new possibilities in the studio with sonible's groundbreaking and unique plugins. Save up to 60% for a limited time only!

  • sonible pure:limit Intro Sale

    With pure:limit, sonible has developed a new limiter for users who want to achieve the best possible sound without having to tweak too many complex parameters. This AI-powered plug-in packs a powerful

  • NUGEN Audio Focus Sale

    Rapid, intuitive access to the big sound professionals strive for. Take complete control of your stereo panorama with three powerful tools offering incredible flexibility in a highly accessible and co

  • AAS Holiday Sale

    Save 50% on AAS's incredible range of physically modelled instruments and creative effects for a limited time only, in our Holiday Sale. (Includes upgrades, expansions, and bundles).

  • 3-for-10 Plugins Bundle Sale (Exclusive)

    As the cold chill of winter starts to settle in, never has there been a better time than now to get stuck in with some music production using the latest 3-for-10 deal featuring Sampleson's Wursy elect