Get (80% OFF) Plugin FX Bundle by BOZ Digital Labs

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Boz Digital Labs announced 80% off Plugin FX Bundle. It would be offered for $79 (originally $396) until August 16th. 2020.

This Boz Digital Labs Bundle offers both a comprehensive and uniquely original approach to envelope modification and dynamics processing.

This deal features the PLUGIN FX BUNDLE by Boz Digital Labs containing 4 plugins:

  • Sasquatch 2 – The Kick Drum Machine
  • The Wall – Brickwall Limiter
  • Transgressor 2 – Transient Designer and
  • Gatey Watey – Frequency-Dependent Gate.

If you are interested, here is a review of Transgressor2 and Gatey Watey I did.

Get Plugin FX Bundle by BOZ Digital Labs

Key Features

  • Kick drum enhancement machine enables you to custom-tailor the sound of any acoustic or electronic kick drum and creates custom drops with a unique set of creative controls
  • Brickwall limiter with dual limiting modes, “flavor” fader, 8x oversampling, clip protection, selectable sidechain modes, dither, and “sanity check” button
  • Transient designer with dual 4-band EQ and gain controls independently treat attack and sustain; adjustable transient detector eliminates false triggers; insert transients via MIDI
  • Frequency-dependent, chatter-free gating with look-ahead lets you select only the frequencies you want to attenuate while preserving transients for a smooth, natural sound

Video Overview

Get Plugin FX Bundle by BOZ Digital Labs

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